• 45 Lessons

    Kayezen VECTOR Training

    The Kayezen VECTOR training video series teaches the core concepts of developmental kinesiology that make the vector system so effective, as well as how to apply them properly to a wide range of body areas or complaints so you can optimize vector training and healing protocols for your clients. Combine the Kayezen VECTOR with a powerful developmental kinesiology approach that optimizes your patients' posture, movement, and performance.

  • 8 Lessons

    Mobility & Stability

    A good joint and muscle activation routine is like an oil change and tune up for the body. It lubricates your joints and fine-tunes muscles so your athlete patients can perform at your best. But not all athletes follow an effective warmup routine. In fact, most warmup programs out there completely miss the key deep muscle groups that are essential if you want to maximize your patient’s mobility and stability. The MOTUS Mobility & Stability Joint and Muscle activation Program equips you with exercises you quickly teach your patients so they warm up more effectively, improve your mobility and stability, and get better results in the clinic.

  • 16 Lessons

    MOTUS ACL Prevention Program (MAPP)

    We designed the MOTUS ACL Prevention Program (MAPP) to help you restore mobility and strength along the entire kinetic chain of a patient’s lower body, even if they’ve suffered from chronic knee pain or a recent ACL tear. You’ll discover a simple, but effective routine you can teach patients to perform on their own to enhance recovery speed and reduce the risk of re-injury by up to 65%

  • 0 Lessons

    MOTUS Certified Specialist Program (CEU’s)

    Educational Objectives Self-Paced Online Training Directory Listing + Referrals Approved for CEUs Course Foundation The Rotational Athlete: Return to Sport EARN 5.75 CEU’S Learn to…
  • 22 Lessons

    Strength & Conditioning Certification (CEU’s)

    This intensive course will cover the relationship between anatomy, biochemistry, biomechanics, endocrinology, exercise physiology when designing a safe and effective training program. Designing a proper strength and conditioning program requires more than just knowing exercises, but rather a combination of disciplines to help achieve the affected goals. Emphasis will be placed on the concepts and applications of the exercise sciences, testing and evaluations, exercise techniques, to allow for a more comprehensive understanding with strength training and conditioning. Understanding the importance of proper strength and conditioning is essential to help minimize the possibility of injury while maximizing performance. These basic principles apply to therapeutic, rehabilitative, or reconditioning exercises that are concerned with restoring normal body function. 

  • 22 Lessons

    Strength & Conditioning Certification (Client)

    The MOTUS Strength and Conditioning course walks you through the same exercise science, biomechanics, and workout programming professionals use so you can crush your goals from home. In this course, you’ll develop a core understanding of how your body adapts to exercise so you can design your own optimal training, prevent injuries, and excel in your sport.

  • 26 Lessons

    The Rotational Athlete From Injury To Return To Sport Using A Multi-Disciplinary Approach (CEU’s)

    Enhance your evaluative skills in screening, differential diagnosis, assessment and management of the rotational athlete. This course will help integrate technique into practice when evaluating and treating the rotational athlete utilizing the entire kinetic chain.

  • 21 Lessons

    The Rotational Athlete From Injury To Return To Sport Using A Multi-Disciplinary Approach (Client)

    The MOTUS Rotational Athlete Course trains you to work with the entire kinetic chain, so you can stop pain at the root and return to your sport without fear of permanent damage or re-injury.